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Why Rahanni?

Anyone who is searching for Spiritual progression, look no further, Rahanni is a 5th dimensional healing modality that works on a higher vibration and a deeper level, therefore cutting down the healing time. It raises the vibration of the student to a much higher level of spiritual understanding, expanding the aura and helping with a change in consciousness. Rahanni is thousands of years old but is now the 'new' healing modality for this Golden Age, a moving forward of spiritual growth by releasing negativity and the old ways of thinking to that of inner peace, positive thought and compassion. So many people in these days of pain and suffering are searching for a better quality of life, well, maybe you have just found it with the healing Light of Rahanni Celestial Healing. We have many Rahanni Practitioners/Teachers all over the UK, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and at least 30 countries worldwide. People's heart centres are opening now, like never before and it is bringing forward so much love and compassion to humanity, helping everyone to have this most needed change in consciousness. How wonderful for you to be a part of this beautiful healing Light at the beginning of a New Year 2019. Rahanni has many Teachers all over the world and especially closer to home. Why not treat yourself to that extra gift and find a Teacher close to where you live by connecting to the Rahanni Directory Listing by contacting Carol at;

'Of One Heart'

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